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Black Palm Cockatoo For Sale

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Black Cockatoo For Sale

The Black Palm Cockatoo is considered to be the most beautiful of the Cockatoos.  They are very large, averaging around 24 inches in length from the beak to the tip of the tail feathers.  The Palm Cockatoo is primarily black (really very dark gray) and smoky gray with a red cheek patch that changes color when he is excited or alarmed, gray feet & legs, and a dark grayish-black beak. The Palm Cockatoo also has a very large crest and one of the largest bills of all parrots.

They are beautiful, loving, affectionate, rare in the wild, love to be handled, cuddly, noisy, destructive, and require a lot of time and attention from their owners (although not known to be as affectionate Cockatoo species).  They can learn to talk, but most only learn a few words or phrases. You can train them, but they would most likely prefer to just cuddle with you.

Black Palm Cockatoo For Sale

The Palm or Goliath cockatoo for sale is a large black or smoky-gray parrot from the cockatoo family. It has a distinctive appearance, having a large crest and one of the biggest beaks of any parrot, a beak unusual in itself, as the upper and lower mandibles do not meet along much of the length, which allows the bird’s tongue to hold a nut in place against its top mandible while its lower mandible does the work to open it. Between the eyes and the beak there is a patch of bare skin, red in color. There is also a distinctive red patch on the cheek that changes color if the bird is excited or alarmed. In young birds, their underfeathers are lined with pale yellow and in birds under the age of 18 months, the tip of the beak and the ring around the eye are white.

Habits and Lifestyle

Black cockatoo for sale are found alone, in pairs, or in larger groups. Sometimes they stay quite close by their nesting sites, but they can travel a long way to search for food or water. A few trees for nesting sites are included within their territory. They visit these sites during the year for a variety of reasons, increasing the visiting frequency in the breeding season. Often they feed in big groups, one “sentinel” bird watching out for predators. Should a predator or another threat appear, the “sentinel” makes an alarm cry to warn the flock. These black palm cockatoo for sale are highly social birds, gathering early in the day in groups in their favorite locations to spend time interacting and preening. They roost during the day near sources of food or water and at night they roost in or nearby a nest tree. During the rain they can be found, as if taking a shower, hanging upside down, stretching out their wings and tails.

Diet and Nutrition

Palm cockatoos eat mainly leaf buds, fruits, and seeds. They also sometimes consume insects and their larvae.

DIET Granivore, Frugivore, Herbivore

Fun Facts for Kids

  • The Black Palm Cockatoo For Sale  has the largest bill of any parrot except for the hyacinth macaw. This powerful bill means that palm cockatoos can eat very hard seeds and nuts that are difficult for other species to deal with.
  • The bare red patch on the Palm cockatoo for sale online cheek can change color, depending on their health or stress level. When highly stressed the patch will change to a pink/beige, and when highly excited it changes to yellow. The birds can reveal or hide the cheek patch by changing the position of their facial feathers.
  • Palm cockatoos for sale near me make loud whistling calls and are amongst the loudest of the parrot species. The most common call is the contact call, a whistle of two syllables. When alarmed, they make a sharp, harsh screech. They also make grunts, mournful/wailing cries, screeches, whistles, and other noises.
  • Palm cockatoos can also communicate by stomping noisily on their perch, drumming against a tree with sticks or nuts, as many as 200 times, usually for the purpose of advertising territorial boundaries. Their erectile crest also communicates mood.
  • This bird’s nesting behavior is unique for cockatoos because they construct a platform made of twigs within its nest cavity.


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