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Black Palm Cockatoo for sale

Our black palm cockatoo for sale, also known as the Goliath cockatoo or great black cockatoo, is a large smoky-grey or black parrot of the cockatoo family. It has a distinctive appearance, having a large crest and one of the biggest beaks of any parrot.
They are extremely intelligent birds that possess a large and very powerful beak.
They are Hand Reared from day 1 and have been brought up beautiful house hold environment.
All our birds are lovely silly time close ring with the hatching certificate extremely beautiful and highly intelligent lovely family pet and are in very good size.

Their Feathers are in perfect shape and their colors are very shiny and Vibrant.
From the time of their Birth to weaning Stage, we have Given a lot of care to all our babies and have made every obstacle easy for new owners to own these beautiful gentle palm cockatoo parrots for sale.
They have a Lovely large neck & Heads.
Our Birds are Amazing loves human interaction and are friendly.
Can Play around with other animals and children.

Added Advantages during shipping of our birds;
A). We ship them in a free cage
B). With Enough food and water for the bird
C). The delivery service takes care of the bird during shipping deal the birds reaches the destination
D). All documents are ship along with the birds.
E). We also provide a feeding guide for the birds.

The Black Palm Cockatoo is considered to be the most beautiful of the Cockatoos.  They are very large, averaging around 24 inches in length from the beak to the tip of the tail feathers.  The Palm Cockatoo for sale near you is primarily black (really very dark gray) and smoky gray with a red cheek patch that changes color when he is excited or alarmed, gray feet & legs, and a dark grayish-black beak. The Palm Cockatoo also has a very large crest and one of the largest bills of all parrots.

They are beautiful, loving, affectionate, rare in the wild, love to be handled, cuddly, noisy, destructive, and require a lot of time and attention from their owners (although not known to be as affectionate Cockatoo species).  They can learn to talk, but most only learn a few words or phrases. You can train them, but they would most likely prefer to just cuddle with you.